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Parents' Guide to IQ Testing
and Gifted Education

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What people are saying about Parents' Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education...

"I wish I would have read this book when my older daughter was still in school. I'm recommending it to other parents."

"Dr. Palmer's book is a breath of fresh air, giving parents a valuable glimpse into how the 'system' of testing and evaluation really works!"

"... thorough and easy to understand. You answered all of our questions..."

"Just what we needed to know... couldn't put it down"

"Great introduction ot IQ testing and gifted education. Everyone entering the gifted education world should read this book"

"I'm wondering why we didn't know this stuff before... thanks!"

"Sound advice!"

"Really enjoyed the sections on hidden gifts and "twice exceptional" children. Described our son completely."

"...clearly written, a great reference for teachers and parents"

"Your book was recommended to me by my son's teacher... now I'm telling other parents, you've got to get this book!"

"... showed me how to work with the school to find the program my child needed..."

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Dr. David Palmer of Palmer Learning in Laguna Beach, California is the author of


"Parents' Guide To IQ Testing and Gifted Education: All You Need To Know To Make The Right Decisions For Your Child by David Palmer Ph.D. is a no-nonsense guide written in plain terms especially for parents concerned about what the best educational recourse is for their gifted child…"

Midwest Book Review

The Choice Reference for Parents...

Parents' Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education is the only book written specifically for parents who need to understand gifted testing and gifted programming so that they can make informed decisions for their children.

If your child is being tested for a gifted program, or if you're just trying to understand what gifted education is all about, you need information. In fact, when it comes to making educational placement decisions for your child you should know as much as teachers, principals, school psychologists, or anyone else.

This book gives those with little or no background in IQ testing and gifted education a close look at how the system of screening, testing, and programming really works.

This is where you'll find the direct answers and specific advice you need to make the right decisions for your child.

Who Is Reading This Book?

  • Anyone who needs to understand giftedness, gifted testing, and gifted programming
  • Parents who are wondering if their child is gifted
  • Parents who want to know how to work with the school to begin the gifted testing process
  • Parents whose kids are currently being tested
  • Those who believe their child may have been overlooked by the school
  • Parents who want to understand gifted program options to decide if they are right for their child
  • Parents of bright kids with learning problems who need to know how to find the school support their child needs
  • Parents of preschoolers who are considering schooling options for their children
  • Teachers, principals, private school directors, and other educators who need to understand gifted testing and placement so they can better consult with and advise parents on these issues
  • Lots of PTA Moms and Dads all across the U.S. and Canada!

In this book you'll find...

Straight Forward Answers to the Questions Parents Ask Most ...

  • Who gets tested and why?
  • Are gifted programs right for my child?
  • What are the potential drawbacks to a gifted placement?
  • What are the signs of giftedness and why should I know?
  • What do IQ tests measure?
  • What do IQ scores mean?
  • How do learning problems like ADHD affect IQ scores?
  • Are IQ scores always accurate?
  • What score is needed for placement in a gifted program?
  • Do all districts use these same cut-off scores?
  • Are there circumstances where a child should be tested before starting school?
  • Why is my high-achieving child not being considered for the gifted program?
  • If my child is tested again in a year or two, is the score likely to be the same?
  • I don't think the score is accurate. Should I get a second opinion?
  • How much will it cost to get a private assessment?
  • Who is qualified to administer IQ tests and how do I find them?
  • What kind of IQ test should I ask for?
  • Is there a downside to having a high IQ?
  • Why do some kids with high IQ's seem to have social problems?
  • What does "optimal IQ" mean?
  • What special programs are available for bright kids with learning problems?

Some bright or gifted kids can reach their full potential in a regular school program - but some need a different kind of learning experience to blossom.

Schools recognize this. So do parents, researchers, and specialists who advocate for this sometimes overlooked group.

If you think you have one of these kids, you need to get informed so that you can find the support your child needs.

parents guide to IQ testing

Parents' Guide to IQ Testing
and Gifted Education

by David Palmer, Ph.D.
Softcover 6x9", 232 Pages

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"Not just every parent of a gifted child, but every teacher and every guidance counselor of gifted children, too, should read Parent's Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education. Palmer explains all in one book, what it took me years of talking to dozens of gifted professionals to learn for myself.

And Palmer makes it easy to read, with review points at the end of each chapter - if you're in a hurry, read the review points first, and pick the chapters that answer the questions you have right now. But read the whole book cover to cover when you have time - it's worth it!"

Carolyn K “Mrs. Hoagie” –


Dave Palmer educational psychologist Laguna Beach, CAAbout the Author
David Palmer, Ph.D.,
is a parent, award winning researcher, and educational psychologist currently practicing in Orange County, California. He has served as an Assistant Professor of Education at California State University, Los Angeles and has lectured on university campuses including UCLA in the areas of counseling, assessment, and education.

Dr. Palmer has personally administered hundreds of IQ tests to children of all ages and ability levels and has helped hundreds of families find the right school program for their children.

For information on private testing in the LA and Orange County, California area, visit